Mewtwo 1st Edition Pokémon Card Gaming Mouse Pad


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“A scientist created this Pokémon after years of horrific gene-splicing and DNA engineering experiments.” Whether it’s browsing, working, or gaming, these 9×7 inch personalized mouse pads deliver a smooth experience with a custom flair. All your designs are printed on the front side with dye sublimation for crisp details and bright colors. Meanwhile, the 0.11″ thickness along with the stitched edges, add extra resilience and a professional feel to the Mewtwo Card Mouse Pad.

.: Rectangular shape

.: One-sided print

.: Stitched edges for a premium and durable finish

.: One Size: 9″ × 7″ (24cm x 20cm)

.: 0.11″ (3mm) thick

Mewtwo Card Mouse Pad

Mewtwo · 60 HP
Pokémon (Mewtwo) › Basic : Evolves into Mewtwo LV.X

Psychic : 10+
Does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each Energy card attached to the Defending Pokémon.

Discard 1 {P} Energy card attached to Mewtwo in order to prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Mewtwo during your opponent’s next turn.

weak: {P}×2 | resist: n/a | retreat: 3
illus. Ken Sugimori · LV.53
Classic › Base Set (BS) › #10/102 : Rare Holo · ↘ Jan 9, 1999
Formats: Other: 1999–2001


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