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  • The ankh symbol — sometimes referred to as the key of life or the key of the nile—is representative of eternal life in Ancient Kemet. Created by Africans long ago, the ankh is said to be the first--or original--cross. The ankh is often shown in the hands of important Egyptian figures, such as pharaohs and kings, preserving their immortality. Car Sun Shade 55"x30" Merging anti-UV coating and aluminized film cushion, this car sun shade can protect seats and dashboards from cracking due to sun damage while also keeping them cool to the touch. Add your own design to this sun shade on Artsadd for matching your car's color. • Material: 100 % polyester and aluminized film cushion. • Size: 55inch x 30inch (140cm x 75cm) • Foldable design offers quick installation or removal. • Suction cups attached. Easy to install and no harm to your windshield. • Using heat sublimation technique to prevent discoloring, long-lasting effects.

    Pharaoh’s ANKH – Egyptian Symbol of Life Hieroglyphs Car Sun Shade 55″x30″

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  • Pharaoh’s Hidden Hieroglyphs Ankh Premium Sherpa Fleece Room Décor Custom Anime Blanket

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Showing all 2 results