Mew Pokémon Card Sherpa Fleece Blanket


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“When viewed through a microscope, this Pokémon’s short, fine, delicate hair can be seen.” Unbelievably fluffy and warm – this high quality cozy Mew Pokémon Fleece Blanket is impossible to leave behind wherever one might go. The perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events.

.: 100% Polyester

.: One-sided print

.: Plush backside

Mew · 60 HP · {P}

Ability ⇢ Mysterious Tail
Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in the Active Spot, you may look at the top 6 cards of your deck, reveal an Item card you find there, and put it into your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

{P}{C} → Psyshot : 30

weak: {D}×2 | resist: {F}-30 | retreat: 1
Sword & ShieldCelebrations (CEL, Ann25th) › #025/025 : Rare Secret · ↘ Oct 8, 2021
Mark: E · Formats: Standard: 2022 · Expanded: 2022

Its DNA is said to contain the genetic codes of all Pokémon, so it can use all kinds of techniques. It’s very intelligent and can use an incredible variety of moves. Many believe that all other Pokémon are descendants of this one. This mythical Pokémon is said to be extinct, but sightings of it are still being reported to this day.

Name Other Names No. Gender Ratio Type
Japan: Mew
French: Mew
German: Mew
National: #151
Galar: #Foreign
Isle of Armor: #—
Crown Tundra: #—
Sinnoh: #—
Hisui: #—
Mew is Gender Unknown Psychic-type
Classification Height Weight Capture Rate Base Egg Steps
New Species Pokémon 1’04”
45 30,720
Abilities: Synchronize
Synchronize: When this Pokémon becomes Poisoned, Paralyzed, or Burned, so does the opponent. However, Fire-type and Water Veil ability Pokémon cannot be Burned, Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokémon cannot be Poisoned, and Limber ability Pokémon cannot be Paralyzed.
(Mew Pokémon Fleece Blanket)

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