White Mighty Morphin Tigerzord Power Coin Breathable Running Shoes


Become the New White Ranger!

Originally the evil Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, corrupted by Rita, now powered by the light of good take the Tigerzord coin and become the new leader of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!


Featuring classic silhouettes and breathable mesh fabric, this running shoes is perfect for running,
workout and casual occasions.

• 24.69 Oz. Especially suitable for running.

• Breathable mesh quarter and breathable foam tongue.

• Breathable stitch bonded non-woven fabric lining and insole.

• MD+RB outsole for non-slip traction.

Abundifind Running shoes have soles composed of MD+RB, perfect for experienced runners!

※ Rubber sole (RB):

Hot press molding, sub-natural rubber and recycled rubber. Heavy oil resistant, molded bottom must fit surface grinding.

Advantages: good wear resistance, non-slip, flexible, easy to break, good flexibility, good extended contraction stability, good hardness, bending, waterproof.

Disadvantages: heavy, hard, easily hygroscopicity bad,old oil resistance, contact with oil should be avoided not be in the automobile service stations, etc.

※ Model Soles (MD):

Advantages: Shock Absorbent, lightweight, flexible, thin appearance, softness good; easy to clean; hardness, density, tensile, tear, elongation good.

Disadvantages: High temperature sensitive, less durability than RB.

• Hand wash only. The print on shoes is unable to fade.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

5 (Men's), 6 (Women's), 6 (Men's), 7 (Women's), 7 (Men's), 8 (Women's), 8 (Men's), 9 (Women's), 9 (Men's), 10 (Women's), 10 (Men's), 11 (Women's), 11 (Men's), 12 (Women's), 12 (Men's), 13 (Men's), 14 (Men's)

Base Color

Black, White


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