Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Mastodon Dinozord Power Coin Mouse Pad


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Become the New Black Ranger! Take control of the Mastadon Dinozord Power Coin and become the new second-in-command for the Power Rangers as the new Black Ranger! Don’t forget to hone your uniquely developed martial arts style,”Hip Hop Kido” Black Ranger Mouse Pad


Available in two shapes (round and rectangular), a personalized mousepad is any laptop’s dream companion. It’s a great opportunity to breathe some color into a cubicle, workspace, or home office. The neoprene construction with a non-slip rubber bottom will prevent any mishaps. Printing is supported only on the top side.

.: One-sided print

.: 1/4″ (0.63 cm) thick

.: Available in two shapes: round and rectangle

.: Material: Neoprene with non-slip rubber bottom

.: Black Ranger Mouse Pad


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